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  A workbook is the name given to an Excel document and has the file extension  (".xlsx") . A workbook comprises one or more worksheets and there are 3 worksheets in the default workbook. There are tabs at the bottom of the workbook to enable you to select which worksheet is presently displayed. Using multiple worksheets within a workbook permits you to systematize your data better. The default naming convention for workbooks is Book1, Book2, etc. You can open as many workbooks as you like but there can only ever be one Active Workbook at any one time.   Using the Control Buttons The icon in the top left hand corner is called as the control menu and the three buttons in the top right hand corner provide shortcuts for commands on this menu. You can also see the control menu by pressing the left mouse button on the icon in the top left corner. The outdoor

Basic to Advanced MS Word Interview Questions with Answers | 2020

    Q 1. What is MS Word and tell its uses? MS Word is a word processor used for commercial purpose, and it is a section of MS Office. There are numerous ways and areas where the word processing software has been used. Some of them are: - Ø   Students use MS Word for designing and creating their school projects . Ø   It is used to advance workplace documents. Ø   It is used for generating cash memo, resumes, joining letter, bills, receipts, & other management related work. Ø   Conversion, editing, and transcription of PDF documents. Ø   Formation of articles, books, & newsletters.   Q 2. What are the components of MS Word? Components of MS Word are: - Home Insert Page layout Reference Mailing Review View Q 3. What is the latest version of MS Word? Latest Version of MS Word is Office 365 Q 4. What are the main features of MS Word? MS Word has several features, and the most substantial are as follows: - Ø   Checks the spellings of the

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  This group is not connected to whether the Developer tab is showed or not. The Developer tab comprises additional commands connecting to Visual Basic and can be showed by selecting (File > Options) (Customize Ribbon, "Show Developer tab in Ribbon"). If you want to add or edit worksheet controls then you will need to show the Developer tab. This can be showed by choosing (Office Button > Word Options)(Popular tab, "Show Developer tab in the Ribbon"). I would have thought this tab would have confined all the commands connecting to macros as well, but three of the macro commands are available on the View tab. Code Visual Basic  - (Alt + F11). Opens the Visual Basic Editor permitting you to generate and edit VBA macros. Macros   - (Alt + F8). Shows the "Macro" dialog box permitting you to run, edit and delete macros. Record Macro  - Records a macro . There is also a shortcut to this in the bottom left of the application window